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    Is there a "addPhotosToPublishedCollection"?

    L. Hagen Level 1



      is there any function (callback) that is triggered when a photo is being assigned (e.g. via drag&drop) to a publishedCollection?


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          Allen Gambrell Level 1

          I have not seen what you are looking for.

          I can think of alot of reasons for it mainly preventing the user from adding images to s certain published collection, only let the plugin add and remove them.

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            L. Hagen Level 1

            Let me try to explain a bit differently: I move any photos to a published collection (e.g. via drag&drop). Usually, the photo(s) will now be published the next time you will press "publish" button.


            But it would be useful to get any kind of notification or better a callback to trigger a custom user function. In my case such a user function could make some tests on the server to decide whether the picture shall really be published or not (before the user is pressing the "publish" button).


            A better example for such a callback is to handle "image moves". Currently, it is possible to drag&drop an image from a published collection to another published collection. The effect is that this photo will be "copied" and is then twice available in the publish service. That is a terrible behavior, because you cannot handle and/or prevent this! A mentioned callback would allow to check whether the photo is already available and allow to make some processing.

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              What you can do is postpone the check until exportServiceProvider.processRenderedPhotos is called. Do your check here doit prior to    for i, rendition in exportContext:renditions { stopIfCanceled = true } do statement. If you don't want to process it set it to skipRender()..