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    Uploaded CS5 swf/html files not accessable on Safari or FireFox.

    Kat Gilbert Adobe Community Professional

      I posed the following prob. on Flash Player Forum and got the response to move it here, so here goes.



      Problem: uploaded a revised website from CS5. Orig. site was created in CS3, revised in CS4, AS2 (working on updating to AS3- but not in this revision.)


      When go to site: "Flash Player is required;" just to be safe I downloaded the most recent 10.1 "again", installed, no luck. Tried FF and Safari- same results. (History had been cleared.)


      Checked my publish requirements and tried again: no luck.


      Dropped the Player back to 9: no luck, dropped the Player back to 8: no luck.


      Pulled the revised website and installed the old one: works like a charm.


      Checked internet plugins to make sure current player is installed: it is.


      !?!?!?! What am I missing?


      I am on MacPro, 64 bit. Flash CS5- AS2. Flash Player 10.1              Thanks!