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    XP Pro very slow after installing CS4 family (no Adobe softs running)


      I just installed Adobe CS4 family which includes:
      Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Bridge.
      I didn't try any of these software so far since their complete installation
      but I notice a very slow behaviour of my system (C:) hard drive ever since..
      The C drive works hard in between any editing I do in other programs
      I use like Sony Vegas 8 for example..
      My system is not a big new one:
      (XP Pro, sp3, P4 2.6Ghz, 1Gram, standard video card, C drive defragmented, D drive for data)
      but it worked normally for all my installed software before the CS4 installation.
      So my problem is not because Photoshop is slow (it's not running)
      like many other thread posted but because of my complete system using other softs..

      -Is there any registry settings I could tweak to get my system back to normal speed
      and stop my C drive from working very often between any editing/saving
      in other softwares?

      -What is the actual Adobe Drive function ?
      Can it slow down my system outside the Adobe applications?


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          qazsd Level 1

          Hi Strumber.

          And welcome to Adobe products.  After installing Adobe CS4 there are a lot of more files your computer has to read to find the right one.  So yes it can slow down you whole computer.  You can't do much about it except for uninstalling the programs you don't need.  Adobe Drive is for making a Version Cue Server look a real hard drive in Windows Explorer or Finder.  Have fun with your new software.