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    How to Import a Custom Class Using CS4 Flash Professional




      I created two custom class called fooClass.as and HelloClass.as

      Then I want to import both of these Custom Classes in my WorkSpace.fla file


      so I do the following I open up my WorkSpace.fla file

      Press F9 to open up the actionScript panel in FrameOne LayerOne

      and I type in

      import fooClass

      import HelloClass


      then I want to start using these two classes so I do the following


      var work:fooClass = new fooClass();

      var space:HelloClass = new HelloClass();


      Technically speaking when I type in

      var work: I should see list of classes inside the library including my custom Class fooClass and HelloClass

      However after the colon I see other build in classes but not fooClass.


      It works in CS5 but not CS4.

      How do I get to work it in CS4 so that I can use the custom class I created to show up in the library.