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    Changing crop sizes in ACR


      Hi Everyone


      I have a question about cropping in camera raw. Lets say I have a batch of images open in camera raw which all have custom positioned crops at 900x600 pixels. I then want to change them all to 4x6 inch size. If I select all the images and go to the crop drop down and change the crop from 900x600 to 4x6 it goes through and repositions all the crops similar to the first image. The only way I have found to keep the crop positioning is to individually select each one and then change them from 900x600 to 4x6. Does anyone know another way to do this without losing the crop positioning. Since the sizes are proportionate to each other you would think there would be an easy solution but I haven't figured it out. By the way, I am using CS5. Any help would be appreciated.