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    help building image swap in flash cs4?


      Hello all,

      I've been trying to research 'flash cs4 image swap' but most everything I find is related to dreamweaver, so I appreciate anyone's help to point me in the right direction.


      I have a project in which I have an opening scene of a main image and 8 thumbnail buttons.  This opening scene is pretty basic, as the thumbnails would link to a new scene or frame label (however I build it).  This 2nd scene or instance in the timeline is where I would display another large image, and 6 new thumnail images that, upon rollover, would swap the large main image with the large version of the active thumbnail.


      Basically I have a main 'menu' of category thumbnails that link to an instance in the timeline that displays the initial large image for that category, and allows the user to mouseover the other thumbnails to see the large images, and then click to go to a specific URL for more information.


      The trouble I have with my rusty, limited AS knowledge is how to effeciently write the AS so that the image swap works. I quickly ran into a wall trying to acomplish this using a very OLD method that would require a LOT of jumping around the timeline.  If there is ANYTHING out there that can help me figure out how to do this efficiently, I would very much appreciate the help.


      Thanks in advance

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          it doesn't sound like you're using any actionscript (other than gotoAndStop) in that setup.

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            phendyr1 Level 1

            that's really what I'm asking, is if there is any such AS to do this.... I would normally do it just using CSS & HTML, but I have to keep it all contained within one page, I can't click to a new page from the opening scene to show the sub category of graphics. I figured I could set the opening scene up easily with a goto frame label 'category 1'.... then at category one is where I need to figure out what to do to swap the images....


            If I keep it very simple with no fade effects or anything, yes I could just jump to a frame and back, and so on.... Instead of animating all the different elements, is there a way to activate an instance of a mc,  like a white to transparent fade, and just have that animate in place and out, chaning the images in a layer below it while it's in place?  I'm really green to AS so I may be talking outta my ear on this,


            your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              use attachMovie() and removeMovieClip() to add and remove your large image.  you can use the flash tween class or one of the 3rd party tween classes to transition from the previous large image to the next one.