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    Flex 3 app with PHP and Zend not building


      Here's a strange problem I just ran into. I am currently converting an AIR app I built into a web based version. I'm going from using SQLite locally to using PHP/MySQL via the Zend framework. I've noticed that when I make changes to the app, the changes will not not show up unless I actually do a "Export Release Build". If I just save and run, nothing changes. I get no errors, and the timestamp for the resulting swf file is unchanged. If I run debug I get the same - and nothing in the console shows anything wrong. Now anytime I make a small change I have to wait for the entire export release build to compile, which slows me down considerably. Thinking it might be a Flex Buulder problem I opened older apps, both AIR and Flex, and they all build without a problem. I have "Build Automatically" checked in the project, and I've even run the "Clean" command without any luck.


      Anyone run across anything like this?