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    Getting a lot of AE CS5 crashes

    Danny Carr

      Hi guys,


      I'm rendering out a fairly simple AE composition at HD resolution and everything seems fine until the end when it crashes (sometimes complaining about a Hue/Saturation effect -- it's hard to imagine hue/saturation being massively processor intensive!).  I've also had a few crashes when I'm just scrubbing through the footage.  My whole system feels generally quite slow when AE is up and running.


      My setup:


      AE CS5 (multi-processing off, open GL off, ram reserved for other applications 1.5 out of 6GB)


      Windows Vista Home Premium

      Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 cup  920 @2.67Ghz 2.66 Ghz

      Memory 6.00 GB

      System Type: 64 bit operating system


      Quicktime 7.6.6 (1671)


      Does anything leap out as a no-no here, or should I start doing system restores, disc and virus checks to see if there's a wider problem?  It's very frustrating what with deadlines and everything...





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          Danny Carr Level 1

          Just to clarify, it feels very much like a memory issue, with my system chugging away as it gets towards the end of the render and yet I'd have thought my machine, although hardly top-of-the-range, could still cope fairly well with the stuff I'm doing, particularly without multi-processing enabled.


          Is it possibly a quicktime issue?  I'm doing effects (compound blur, hue/saturation) on 1.5gig sized animation codec files.  When I render things out from scratch (text on animated backdrops etc...) it seems to cope fine.


          The same files using AE CS4 on a similarly specced mac caused no problems at all.


          Should I reduce the memory allocation (4.5 out of 6gig)?  Increase it?


          Does my machine seem like it's too low-specced?



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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            If it keeps gobbling up your memory, then often there is a misconfiguration somewhere. This could be anything from flakey drivers to wrong timing settings for your core7i processor in the BIOS. Check your device manager and read all the othegr stuff here. You could also be using an older third-party plug-in that is not safe for these modern  processors and thus causes leakage. if so, only updating this plug-in wil lresolve the matter. The same applies to incompatibel CoDecs and similar things.



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              Danny Carr Level 1

              Cheers Mylenium


              Can't see anything obviously wrong on that list and I'm a bit reluctant to start messing with my BIOS settings.  Will get past the deadline using CS4 and then have a poke around when no jobs are looming.



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                Geneate an image sequence and and an audio track seqerately.


                If the output module bombs you can pick up where you last left off.  Open the folder you saved the sequence to and note the last frame successfully rendered and start 1 frame past that.  Sometimes the framee that bombed just won't render, so re-set the start of the work area 1 or 2 frames past this problem frame and chances are you can continue rendering.  Where that frame bombed just duplicate a previous or post frame rename it too the proper missing frame number. , A duplicate frame won't be noticeable but if you have to do this several times it can mess with the audio synch, so don't skip frame if you've got an audio track.


                Like a pre-render, it's done it's calcs and the comp will scream along to generate your destination output file format.


                FYI:  Quicktime is not a codec, it's a file format.  Oddly enough, Quicktime format is the only one I don't have trouble with on my PC, unfortunately it's usually huge when output from AE.

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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  The After Effects CS5 (10.0.1) update is available:



                  This update addresses many crashing issues. After you've installed the update, please let us know whether it works for you.


                  If  you have any problems with the update, or if you have bugs to report   after you've installed the update, please let us know through the usual   channels: