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    What's new in BlazeDS 4 ?

    William Marchetto

      I read about the confluence of BlazeDS and LiveCycle DS in matter of documentation, doc is no longer separate for the two products.

      At the same time, I was informed that LiveCycle DS is far richer than BlazeDS, the first has a lot of functionalities without match, but (so I understood) is a fee-paying product.


      So, here are my questions (they are quite simple, but I wasn't able to find clear and concise answers):


      1) does LiveCycle DS require a particular server configuration, or can I install it simply as BlazeDS on Tomcat ?


      2) I need only communication between Flex SWF clients and remote objects or web services, so I think BlazeDS is sufficient and I don't need LiveCycle DS because it doesn't offer me any real advantage (I'm not interested in PDF creation, RTMP, batch transactions and edge server). Is it correct ?


      3) what are the main differences, if any, between BlazeDS 4 and BlazeDS 3 ?


      If someone could give me a link to information about these matters, I'd really appreciate it.