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    Problem with multiple images


      I just have a question to ask , before i go against good programming practise.


      I have more than 20 images which uniquely refers to markers. So do i have to uniquely

      create an instance of Class and Embed a source of each image, 20 times, as i do for a single image.



      private var hotel:Class;


      Thanks for you feedback.

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          rtalton Level 4

          If they are small, go ahead and embed them. Otherwise, load them only when needed.

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            rashmin.d Level 1



            u mention that 20 pics..... see its big or not... but it is not good that i embed 20 pics. in file... it make you swf file big n takes more time then dynamic way.....So, best way to do it is put in one folder n rename in serialize manner....n load them in for loop using Loader Class.. one by one.. it make 3 line code....... OR    if u cann't do the rename then Use the XML file to read the name n load images...


            i will hope it will help u....