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    difference between 2 times?

    hugoFlex Community Member

      how do you calculate the difference between 2 times in Tables?


      For example:

      Field 1 = 8:10AM

      Field 2 = 10:00AM

      In Field 3 I want to show Field 2 - Field 1 = 1 Hour 50 Minutes or 1:50


      In Excel, it's done with the Text function:

      =TEXT(Field 2-Field 1,"h:mm")


      How would this be done in Acrobat.com Tables?



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          Rebecca Staley Adobe Employee

          Hello there,


          Thank you for posting. The answer to your question is another thread in this forum:




          If, after reading that post, you still have questions, please let me know. Thank you!


          Kind regards,


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            hugoFlex Community Member

            Thanks, it sounds like time calculations are not fully supported yet.  Looking forward to when they are. In the example given on the other post, I see that 9:00AM - 1:00AM will display as 8:00AM and only supported on 12 hour clock. I'm hoping for more advanced time calculations where I can display the result formatted without the "AM" showing in the result field.

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              VarunParmar Community Member

              Thanks for your feedback!  We'll add your request to our roadmap. 



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                hugoFlex Community Member

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