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    Dynamic Class Reloading

    boogenhaagen Level 1
      I instantiate an external class file (Exported from Eclipse and saved to the cf_root/wwwroot/web-inf/classes folder). If I make a change to the class file in Eclipse, export and overwrite the files in the classes folder on the server, the new changes in the class file are not taken. The class file is not dynamically reloaded.

      What I've tried so far are the suggestions on the web to force dynamic class reloading by editing the "jrun-web.xml" as per This article

      I have tried this but to no avail. The class file does not reload unless I restart the CF app service.


      Has anyone successfully been able to reload the new class files without restarting the CF app service? If so, can you please hint as to what I might be missing?

      I have tested this on MX 7.02 and 8.