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    DocumentPresets not available in script after upgrade from CS3 to CS5


      I had a script working that created a new document using a preset in InDesign CS3.   Since I upgraded to CS5, app.documentPresets only contains [Default].  I've even output the length and count() of the app.documentPresets array.  Both result in 1.


      Here's some of the code:


      $.writeln ( 'app.documentPresets.length=' + app.documentPresets.length)
      $.writeln ( 'app.documentPresets.count()=' + app.documentPresets.count())
      for(  var q = 0; q < app.documentPresets.length; q++ )
          $.writeln (app.documentPresets[q].name);







      The presets clearly exist in the UI. 




      I even tried running the script with the 5.0 DOM by including app.scriptPreferences.version = 5;  What am I doing wrong?