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    Adobe AIR 2.0 Major Bug




      We have an application built in Adobe AIR (HTML and Javascript Based).

      It's been running for 14 months now with no problems.

      Adobe came out with the AIR 2.0 version, and because the updates are pushed automaticaly to the clients, we started to suffer from major pages render issues.

      The app is written in Hebrew. and now with version 2.0 we get every few paragraphs, in the middle of the paragraph a question mark or two instead of the letters, and sometimes it just drops letters.

      This happens randomly and I can't put a rule on this.

      Because Adobe pushes this upgrade, a lot of our customers updated to this buggy version.

      This is a major issue. I wish to know if you know something about it or atleast tell me how can I easily revert this version back to AIR1.5.3 on the clients.


      This software is in our main structure of the company. Adobe should not release new upgrades that are automatically updates on the client side. this is something that we, the developers, should push to our clients (after checking for bugs).

      We spent a lot of hours and money to develop our app, what should we do now?


      I wish to know how can I contact someone from the Adobe AIR team, and get this issue resolved ASAP.




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          Hitomi Kudo Level 3



          Thank you for reporting the problem. We would start looking into your problem as soon as possible. Do you think you can provide your application so that we can verify your problem as a first step? Again I appreciate your problem report very much.


          Best Regards,



          AIR team

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            Robert Christensen Level 2



            First, I am sorry to hear that your application was impacted. Whenever possible, we release public betas so that customers can report back issues related to backwards compatibility. In the case of AIR 2, we released two public betas.


            However, per the Adobe AIR system requirements page, Hebrew is not a supported language. While it is possible that your application was working in an earlier version (AIR 1.5.3), it was still not a supported platform at that time.


            I would encourage you to submit a bug using our feedback form and we'll take a look. However, to set expectations, we always prioritize supported systems over unsupported systems.


            Feedback form (please provide all information necessary to reproduce the issue):




            Product Manager, Adobe AIR

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              UriTz Level 1

              Hello Hitomi,


              Thank you for the quick respond. I really appreciate it.

              Our application is not for public use so Is it possible to contact you in private, so I could send you our files, printscreens, etc...


              Thanks again,


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                Hitomi Kudo Level 3



                Please check your private message in this forum.


                Thank you,