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    Find in out source timecode in source file from sequence clip

    RobSher1 Level 1

      I've googled and searched the forums and haven't been able to find an answer to the following question.


      We created a sequence from a source clip and then copied a sub clip from that sequence to a different (final) sequence. The audio shows up as a straight line and you can't send it to Soundbooth.


      I'd like to easily find the original project clip and it's timecode to use as the source and then copy it's source in/out into the timeline of the new sequence. I can get to the in/out point of the first source sequence to help find the sub clip, but not the original movie file. So we end up scrubbing all the footage to find each replacement.


      Also, brand new to Premiere Pro and have CS5. I've been looking for a good workflow tutorial and would appreciate any links that describe best practices. I've looked at many of the tv.adobe and Lynda videos and still have some questions.


      My workflow is:

      I've gone through the original source clip and selected set unnumbered marker for each point of interest, copy the whole source to a new sequence and then cut them in the timeline.


      Searching the forum seems to indicate that the best workflow is to set the in/out points in the source window and then drag each clip to the timeline.

      It helps me edit if I can see the audio to set my in/out points which is why I edit the full source in the sequence.


      Would you make a sequence for each sub clip so you can name them to know their context? I tried to use speech analysis, but it was unusable in a group setting even though, generally, only one person talked at a time. I applied a noise filter before doing the analyze.


      Please let me know if I'm using the forum correctly as this is my first post.