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    Calling Multiple Child Long Live Processes from Long Lived Process

    JoelHH Level 1



      We have a process that can split into four long live processes (using an AND-WAIT gate).  These processes would all run fine in Livecycle ES, but now in ES2 only one or two of the long lived processes seems to run at once.  I checked in the adminui and the child long lived processes are listed as running inside of the parent process, but there are no long lived processes associated with some of the children when I do a search.  I also see that there is a gap in the process IDs for where these should have been.  For instance:


      Parent Process ID: 848

      Child 1: 849

      Child 2: not found

      Child 3: not found

      Child 4: not found


      New long lived process: 853


      It seems like the processes are getting instantiated but they do not run.  I checked the record and playback and still see nothing for the other processes.


      We would like to have this issue resolved as soon as possible.  Please do not hesitate to give suggestions or ask questions.  Thanks.