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    Loading a remote swf

    JonoB Level 1

      I have a flex app running on my server.


      I have had a request from some clients to have the swf loaded on their server, so that their customers dont have to be transferred to my server to login; i.e. from the user's point of view it looks like they are logging in from theirsite.com instead of mysite.com


      I tried something really simple, and that was to give them a html wrapper to host on their site. The only modification that I made was to change the "src" var to:


      "src", "https://www.mysite.com/app/myapp.swf"
      embed src="https://www.mysite.com/app/myapp.swf"

      To my surprise, this worked perfectly. And best of all, the service
      calls still seem to come from mysite.com, so I dont have to bother with
      modifying the crossdomain.xml file.

      All good it seems.

      Are there any issues or downsides to the above that I should be
      aware of?