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    AVC-Intra 100 performance in CS5?

    Mikael B-MXYDzw Level 1

      How well does Premiere CS5 work with AVC-Intra 100 Pal 25p compare to Premiere CS4.2.1?

      I have a hard time to make CS4 to work well with AVC-Intra, no sound and then sound, stuttering video playback and poor performance over all?

      My system is running fine with all other type of format including big Cineform project (CS3 thought for Cineform).

      My system
      i7 920.
      Intel SSD G2 80GB system disk with Vista 64 Ultimate.
      12GB of ram.
      4 x 1000GB in a raid 5 with an Adaptec 3085 raid card.
      ATI 5870

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          Mikael B-MXYDzw Level 1

          Is there anyone working with AVC-Intra out there????

          Need your help and thoughts, please help me with this.....



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            Mikael B-MXYDzw Level 1

            Now is CS5 better to handle the AVC-Intra codec then CS4? Please Help me.


            I have big problems with AVC-Intra 100, when I select sequence AVC-Intra 720p 25p inside CS4 Premiere 4.2.1 and drag some clip onto the timeline it becomes red and all 4 sound tracks are completely empty of sound without any peak drew up. Then out of nowhere without any reason, some of it appears, some of the sound and then completely disappear again (randomly).


            The video is also not playing without stuttering and without all frames intact (25frames/sec) more like 12frames/sec???

            All this is the same when I try to render out a master, stuttering video and no sound.

            When I look at the same files inside my HPX301 the files are playing just fine with perfect sound so it’s not the recorded files that are wrong.

            System mode: 720-50p.
            Rec Format: AVC-I 100 /25pn.


            This computer is flying with big, big complex projects of 10 bits Cineform files so it’s not the computer that can’t handle it (this is with CS3 Premiere 3.2 on another disk thougt).




            My computer setup:
            Processor: Intel i7920.
            Motherboard: Asus P6T Deluxe V2.
            Ram: Corsair 12GB 1600MHz.
            C drive: Intel SSD G2 80GB with Windows Vista64 Ultimate.
            Raid Card: Adaptec 3085.
            Raid Disk: 4 x 1000GB in a raid 5 for video with Adaptec.
            Graphic card: ATI/AMD 5870


            Best Regards