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    Simple game problem


      I am trying to create the foundation for a simple platforming game. I want to make the game play a short animation applies when the player controlled character collides with an invisible (alpha=0) object. This seems like it should be extremely simple, but after searching the web for a very long time I have not been able to find a piece of actionscript that does this simple task. I am working in Flash MX and have tried many variations on this code, and none of them have worked:


      onClipEvent (load) {






      I have tried putting this code in the actions of the invisible trigger of the animation, as well as putting a piece of code replacing ".char" with ".triggera" in the character's actions

      I have it set up so that the playable game is on frame 1, and the short animation is from frames 2-90, concluding in another game screen.


      Please help!