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    Font variants


      I'm working on getting a couple of custom fonts working in an HTML/JS app.  Because the CSS @font-face is not supported, I have installed the font as a system font on the machine running the application.  I can't get the fonts to render.


      The fonts in question are NPSRawlinson and Frutiger.  The only clue I have at this point is that these font's don't have a variant or weight called "Regular".  The font variants are all called "Condensed" and "Book" which, to my knowledge, CSS has no way to select.


      A normal WebKit browser renders the font using the Book variant, but AIR defaults back to Arial.  Has anybody else experienced this issue, or found a workaround?




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          My reasearch didn't turn up much, but I've worked around the problem.


          Since so many of the cool features of CSS3/HTML5 (which, oddly, are included in WebKit) are missing from AIR, I've abandoned the HTML/JS platform and gone back to Flex, where font embedding is allowed.  The Flash/Flex side of AIR seems to have more support behind it anyway.