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    object oriented programming in Flex




      I have an application: Flex/Java/BlazeDs/MySql.


      I created an user class: user.java and its equivalent in as.


      in java I have:


      user java with the following properties:


      String name;

      String login;

      String password;

      String address....



      and the methods:








      When I want to sign into the web i only have to type (from the flexPart):



      userRO.signin(login, password) (Remote Object).



      Then i sign into the DB and I put inside the flex session object (FlexSession) the user object (on the java side).


      Until this moment everything is fine.


      The problem comes when I want to change the password to the current logged user.


      I write:





      And this is not right, because it is not operating over the user who is logged in.


      My question is very simple... how could I operate on the object of the user who is currently logged  and make operations like change_password, change_email... in a good way!




      Thanks a lot!