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    auto shapes question

    vh2 Level 1

      I notice that there are some new auto shapes in FW CS5 (I upgraded from FW 8).  But when I click and drag some of them to a document, some look like the pic in the auto shapes window and some do not.  Some of the older ones (like Pie Chart) have a cool 3D look (because of a bevel effect applied to it) and are already colored as well, when you drag them to a document (just like the image of it in the auto shapes window), but others do not do this.  For instance, the heart auto shape is red and has a bevel applied in the pic in the auto shapes window, but is white and bevel-less when dragged to a document window.  Is this a bug?  (there are a number of other auto shapes that do not look like their pics when they are dragged to a document)