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    Progressive Quicktime export not loading progressively

    Laer2 Level 1

      I've exported some Quicktimes (set as Progressive Download With Compressed Headers) via AfterEffect CS3's Export feature, and embedded the images into my HTML site in the usual way (<object><embed> method)... but they don't appear to load progressively, but instead show the Q logo (or nothing) until they are fully loaded.


      Could someone give me any theories on what might be wrong here?  The code seems correct (...I've done it several times over, and tried code found from various articles on the Net... but still the same result).


      Is there some issue with AE CS3 exports?  Or some required coding I'm forgetting here?


      I tried rendering out as an H.264 format, but AE complains of missing files, write issues, etc... so that's not an option.


      I just need a simple solution... like progressive QTs that I can just embed in my site.  Nothing like putting them up on some site like YouTube, or getting a streaming server.  A progressive QT file from my webspace, embedded on my site SHOULD work.... but it isn't.


      Hope you can help, as I've been waiting (in vain) for answers for several days now from all other forums.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          but they don't appear to load progressively, but instead show the Q logo (or nothing) until they are fully loaded.


          But they do?! "Progressive" means "until the file is fully available". What you mean is streaming download, but that requires the files to be exported from Quicktime Pro or other tools with the proper stream flags enabled. By its nature, AE can't do that and it doesn't work with every CoDec, too.



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            Laer2 Level 1

            Progressive/Fast Start does not mean 'play only when the whole file is available', it means 'play when enough of a head start in the download has been achieved (based on a calculation using the download speed, and the playback speed).  That's the whole point of creating a progressive/fast start file... so you don't have to wait for the whole file to download before viewing it.


            From the Quicktime site:

            "QuickTime supports progressive downloads of movies, which allow part of a movie to be displayed before  all of its data has been received over a network or other slow link.  QuickTime is able to instantiate the movie and start playing it before the entire file has arrived. This is known as Fast-Start movie playback."


            ...otherwise, there would be no difference betweeen Fast Start Progressive Downloading vs a regular Quicktime file.  Fast Start/Progressive is a simulated streaming (without the need of a true streaming server).


            I've had it work before, but for some reason, the files don't work now.  I've read several posts about other people experiencing the same problem.  Apparently, Premiere has some known issue with progressive QT export, but I haven't heard anything as far as AE.

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              bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3

              Settings for that object may need to change on your page's code or on the player or browser. Hard to tell with this video stuff these days which is why I'm in the content creation side of the business and I am delighted to hand off my video files to someone else who has the patience and geekiness to set up for distribution.


              Suggest you visit the apple.com discussions area and search the Quicktime forum for a few hours. Very helpful wonks over there but the forum gets a lot of newbie traffic, signal to noise ratio can be a bit low.



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                Laer2 Level 1

                I've spent the last week searching the internet, reading articles, posting on forums.  Found several people with the same issue, but no answers.


                The code is fine.  I've tried code from several other articles/posts... they are all the same.  Standard <object><embed> method.


                Only thing I can think of is that the QT file is NOT being properly exported with Fast Start encoded.


                I was using QT Alternative, which MAY be part of the problem...  But real QT has a major bug in the installer that Apple appears to be ignoring for a long time now (...non-admin accounts get an error when trying to run QT, as the registry keys are not properly set as far as permissions).... which is preceisely why I went to QT Alternative.  I tried installing QT (real) again today, but got the same error with QT (...can't find ActiveX files... which is what appears as a result of the installer bug).


                What I'm trying now is I (reluctantly) switched my account to an Admin account (...QT now actually works, rather than getting an error on startup), and I'll try exporting the QT renders again, and see if there's a difference.


                But, ya, there appears to be a lot of people out there who can't get the Fast Start working lately.


                I'm open to any alternatives... as long as they are not complicated, and as long as they work.  Just want embedded files on my site that Fast Start (or equivelant), and only start downloading when you click play (...otherwise, I'll have 10 clips competing to download while my HTML page still tried to finish downloading it's own content).

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                  Laer2 Level 1

                  [Update]: Turns out that it DOES appear that AE CS3 has  issues rendering Fast Start QTs... even if I have QT Pro installed.


                  When  I create the Fast Start movie with the QT Pro standalone, it actually  works!  (Fast Starts properly online)... whereas if I try the same thing  in AE, it doesn't (even though it doesn't complain about anything being  wrong).


                  So, I guess I have to just export uncompressed  QTs out of AE, then bring them into the QT Pro standalone, and spit  them out as H.264/AAC Fast Start mov's.


                  As long as it  works....




                  Weird thing is, I've found quite a few people with the same issue (QT files no Fast Starting), posting all over the net... yet no one seems to be getting any answers!  Even on the QT forum itself, the posts I found on the subject seems to be ignored!


                  Well, at least I found a fix to the issue now (...or at least narrowed down what was causing it).


                  Only thing I still need to nail down is having it so it doesn't download the clip until you click on Play.  I think that can be remedied with a poster image (using href= and target= in the QT parameters).  Last time I tried, it worked only half the time... but that was probably me doing something wrong (path incorrect, or something).  Although, it seemed like it also stopped the Fast Start working last time too.  I'll have to test that out some more... but it feels like I'm getting close.