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    2 Questions - Resolution & Re-Encoding


      I am working with DV AVI (NTSC) 720x480.



      My source image looks like this (Viewed at source resolution in Media Player Classic Home Cinema Edition):



      My output looks like this (Viewed at source resolution in Media Player Classic Home Cinema  Edition):



      When I export, I check "Match Sequence Settings".  Resolution is the same as the source.

      When I right-click on the still titles I have added to the timeline, they match the source file's resolution.

      Regardless of what I do, my output file gets the sides cut off - as shown by comparing the second screenshot with the first.



      Is there any way I can prevent Adobe from re-encoding my source file?

      All I do in Adobe is trim/cut, add basic effects like Cross Dissolve, and still titles.

      I notice the "blurring" or "smoothing" as a result of deinterlacing.

      Is there a way to just have Adobe attach my effects and titles and leave my source file as-is?

      I notice in the Export Summary it says "Quality 100".  I do not consider this to be true based on the re-encoding of my file causing quality/sharpness.

      I do not see a setting to prevent deinterlacing.


      If Adobe cannot do what I want, could someone recommend a different program?



      Thank you,