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    More than 2gbRAM = no playback?


      Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone can help me with my problem. I have been running CS5 and Windows 7 successfully with only 2GB of ram but wanted to get more so I did, I got another 4GB totaling 6 which if fine with everything except Premiere I have no playback on the timeline anymore? It just doesnt respond, I dont get any errors or anything like that it simply just doesnt respond? Also if I srcub the curser along the timeline I dont see a picture, I cant see my footage anymore. I have tried many combination with the RAM 2, 4 or 6GB but the only time it works is with 2GB installed. Premiere recognizes the 4 or 6GB when installed just like windows but just doesn't function the same anymore. Any ideas?


      I have a server motherboard (Tyan s2676) that takes DDR2-400 ECC Ram and I have 6 x 1 GB sticks