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    Adobe If there was an alliterative I'd leave tomarrow

    NLP Photoshop

      Photoshop Is a compositing program above all else

      Its nice that your taking it the direction how nuke approached compositing (3d),

      but it misses the mark in every single in way when it comes to 3d compositing


      in usably and helpfulness in getting the job done.


      I've presented this argument before only to be told that I should be happy with what I have,
      well if thats the case stay on the version of photoshop you have. There is no need to upgrade
      you can be happy to know that photoshop will do what its always done.


      But paradigms arnt shifting for us as they should be.


      The artist is one part, but its the tools that multiply his or her ability.
      Its the tools that will advanced the art, and with no other alternative ( although I wish there was)
      and It is your responsibility to advanced the industry in the right direction.


      The High End User needs to be recognized

      And we need tools that can benefit him or her.

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          retouchMOJO Level 1

          I don't see a feature request in here... or is the request to make 

          Photoshop process your biodegradable waste? (sorry, I couldn't resist!)

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            Level 7

            Thank you for providing the specific details that we can act on to provide the functionality you need to accomplish your work.

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              NLP Photoshop Level 1

              Chris Thanks for getting back to me on my feature request on my original posting a few days ago


              your clearly seeing in the companies best interest and are a fine example why I am wrong about adobe.

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                retouchMOJO Level 1

                Hellbent88, You have made no specific request. You say you have "presented the argument before"... there's not even that in your original post. The argument only ensues after you are pressed for specifics. Please bullet out what features or feature changes you would like and then you will be having a discussion rather than an argument. Chris needs actual feature requests in order to help you.


                P.S. Thanks for correcting your first post's multiple occurrences of the word composting to correctly read compositing. BTW tomarrow is not a word; alliterative is, however I don't think it has any bearing here.

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                  Aegis Kleais Level 3

                  My head completely exploded just now.


                  I take it English isn't your native tongue?  It's fine if it isn't; but I see no feature request or suggestions whatsoever in this post.  What exactly is it you want?  for PS to be better at 3D integration?

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                    NLP Photoshop Level 1

                    I want to touch back on my original point where all the features I listed
                    are real needs I have in my every day production life


                    There isnt a product out there that can meet these needs
                    If adobe did take that direction I'm sure I'm not the only would who would benefit.


                    Would any one take the stance that such changes would be a bad thing because it would make the work they do in photoshop harder or slower?
                    From complete and revolutionary features to mundane fixes to how the pen tool could be improved.


                    We see Movies get bigger and better every year, And look at the software that is out there
                    at anyones disposal produce artist results, It isnt because We are still running Apple IIs, And the artist ability isnt being multiplied by this leverage of technology, it is most certainly is.


                    Pick the topic of 3D, an example where innovation is pushed into new tools, and new technologies every day. I have the the opportunity to learn many differnt Software packages that are in direct competition with each other, to solve problems and bring artist better tools.


                    Where is the competition for photoshop?


                    I feel as an artist that every creative industry is hurting from this.
                    From the exorbitant price you pay for what you get with photoshop to the tools we are offered to use every day. Our pencils have run dull and our Pens dry of ink, as I could put photoshop in a metaphor.


                    Change isnt for everyone, but to that I only respond with don't upgrade.


                    One thing I have learned through the presentation of this issue is that I am sure to running to Adobe Fan boys everywhere, To them I am Sorry to have found fault with your God