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    Image Slideshow

      I am trying to create an image slideshow, via an xml document.

      Ive done some other stuff successfully, mainly with grids and simple text, but cant seem to wrap my head around this one. Im not sure this is even possible with Flex, as it seems you dont have much control on the display factor with looping images.

      The main purpose of this would be to use the flash xml slideshow on myspace profiles, so it is imperative for the size of the flash file to be small yet effective.

      FilmLoop.com does this as a photo album application.
      Here is an example on a myspace page they have:

      The 144x600 or 150 x 600 would be ideal size for the Image Feed I would like to do..
      something like this, pulling the XML file of images would be great.

      Though I have no idea how this is, or could be, accomplished in flex.

      Any tips or pointers in the correct direction on this would be great... Im even willing to pay to have this completed at this point!