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    Pros and Cons - 1080i v 720p

    thenoisystuff Level 1

      I'm about to embark on a project to be shot on an HDX900 Panasonic camera. The cameraman intends to shoot 1080i PAL but the camera is capable of 720p. (I'll be working CS5 through a core i7 950 c/w 12Gb RAM Raided HDDs etc.) I monitor 1080p and CRT.


      I will need a filmic look for the piece which is to be in the main projected on large screens at events. But I do know that the 1080i setting produces excellent results too in an interlaced environment.


      Can the community give me their opinions on which they would prefer? I appreciate many of you work NTSC but it's your experience of Interlaced/Progressive workflow that I'm interested in.


      I've duped this in the Cow forum too but yet to receive a reply.  I have no urgency - I'm simply trying to get in front of the curve.