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    Export to Quicktime - Audio Sync problem



      first, please excuse my English, it's not my first language.


      I am using Flash CS3 on a PC. I am trying to export an animation to quicktime (Export > Export movie) and have some problem regarding the sound.


      The animation:

      • contains actionscript 2.0
      • loads external swf
      • contains streaming sounds
      • play other sounds via actionscript.
      • 4 scenes.


      When publishing the animation, it works fine, but when exporting it to .mov, the audio goes faster than the video.


      Export setting:


      • Video:
        • Compression type: H.264
        • Frame Rate: Current
        • KeyFrames: 4


      • Sound:
        • Compressor: 24-bit integer
        • Rate: 48.000Khz
        • Size: 16Bit
        • Use: Stereo


      To be honest, i tried many other compression types and frame rates and keyframes, but nothing seem to work. I have been trying for 3 days now, and going crazy!


      I tried:

      - importing the external swfs into the original animation

      - creating a streaming silence from frame 1 for continuous sound

      - capturing the animation using CamStudio, but it's not smooth enough


      Please help!

      Many Thanks for reading