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    Lossless render


      Hey, I tryed once to render the video in an "uncompressed" codec, but that wasn't a lossless one and made me think:
      How to render video AND audio in lossless codecs?(not necessarily at the same time)
      I've also seen "ExporterMP3.prm" and "ImporterMp3.prm" plug-ins so is it possible to use FLAC tracks,and to render tracks in FLAC through such plug-ins?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          I assume that when you say "lossless render," you mean Export, using a lossless CODEC. Is that correct?


          You might want to look at the Lagarith Lossless CODEC. There are a few others as well.


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            Tetra-pak Level 1

            Yes, I'd like to render in lossless codecs.


            Your link did not helped me.

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              Igor Valentovitch Level 1

              Bill, I've tried the lagarith codec - excellent results but huge files.

              Can a footage that is output with the lagarith codec be recorded and played on a Blu-ray player?


              If you export avchd content for a BD player, what codec/setting in PrP do you use to acheive best quality for AVCHD files shot in 30 fps?

              I'm puzzled whether to use MPEG-2 Bly-ray vs. H.264 Blu-ray codec. I've read somewhere that if using lower bitrates (i.e. >25Mbps) best results are acheived with the H.264 codec. Does this mean that if I output at 40Mbps I should go for the MPEG-2 codec for best quality?



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Did the link not take you to the Lagarith Lossless page? If it did, did you download, install and try it? I am not sure what is meant by the link not working.


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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Yes, uncompressed, or lossless will result in large files. For smaller file sizes, one needs compression. It's that compression that results in the quality/data loss.


                  As for BD, one only has two choices, H.264 or BD-compliant MPEG-2. Lagarith will NOT play on a BD, unless it's from a BD-Data, and the user has the Lagarith Lossless CODEC (or very similar) installed, and their player can use it. Now, some newer players can decode DivX, but I do not have a list of those. I also would wonder how the resultant files will compare to either H.264 or BD-compliant MPEG-2 DivX is good as a delivery-only streaming content CODEC, but I have never used it for anything else.


                  Where CODEC's, such as Lagarith are so very useful is when one needs to Export an "intermediate" file, say to use in another Project, or in another program, that supports it, and the editor was as little compression and quality loss, as is possible.


                  I am sorry, but I have never worked with AVCHD, so others will need to fill in that blank.


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                    Tetra-pak Level 1

                    Ok so I found out by myself how to render videos in without losing a pixel of quality:

                    Quicktime format => PNG codec


                    I also found how to import FLAC files into Premiere Pro and more:



                    I didn't found anything about exporting audio tracks using the FLAC though.


                    Thanks Adobe support, you really... oh wait nevermind

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                      SFL46 Level 3

                      My friend, you need to recognize that unless the poster's name is followed by "employee," the poster is someone, not employed by Adobe, who tried to help you out in the spirit of helpfulness.  Check your attitude before posting--you'll get more help that way.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Good point. Though this particular forum does have some Adobe employees (and we love 'em), the vast majority are just users, as is the OP. We try our best, and are normally way ahead of Adobe T/S, when it comes to solutions.


                        Even the Adobe employees here are NOT Adobe T/S, or C/S, but usually engineers, or performing other jobs. Most hang out around here on their own time, trying to help us lowly users.


                        Sorry that we could not help the OP, but that is the minority of issues, as we are normally about 90%.


                        Thanks for sharing that very important clarification,



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                          Igor Valentovitch Level 1

                          Bill, I want personally to thank you for your help! I followed one of your previous posts and successfully experimented with the Logarith lossless codec.

                          Also, thanks to your posts I use now the G-Spot (love the name!) program in my work.


                          This forum is great and very helpful!. I wonder if there is a similar one for Encore users? I cannot lower the volume of the music (included as an asset in the project) wich plays while the navigation menus are displayed.



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                            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Lower the volume of your sound in Soundbooth or even Premiere and then add to dvd-menu.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              Thanks for the kind words. We all try to help, in every way possible. Now, don't blame me for the name of G-Spot. That has thrown many, especially if they do a Google. That is why I try to always remember to add the link - one young lady took great offense, and thought I was being very rude. Finally, she downloaded and installed the program, and felt much better about things in the forum. G-Spot still has some limitations with MOV and WMV files, but just greatly improved the MPEG file capabilities. Going back a bit, it was great with AVI's, but lacking MPEG details. Maybe next version will improve MOV and WMV more too.


                              Good luck,



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                                eckelsteve1 Level 1

                                Have you guys tried exporting DPX?  It's a pain because it's an image sequence, but great for exporting low compression high quality images that don't take too much room for use in other programs, like cross-platform AE or color-correcting programs.  I like for FTPing as well, because if you loose your connection, you can pick up where you left off, rather than starting all over.

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                                  Tetra-pak Level 1

                                  I tryed some more codec and you can also try JPEG 2000, it's hell fast and it creates small files (big but smaller than other lossless renders)

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    I have not. Lagarith has always suited my needs. Now, Jeff Bellune has been reporting some great success with other CODEC's, but I have had no additional needs.