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    Redistribution of Adobe Reader as virtualized Application

    Stuck Mojo Level 2

      Hi there!


      I work for a company that works intensively with creating and modifying PDF documents.


      Due to different behaviours on different acrobat (reader) versions, we need to test documents on all of them. Because there's no official way to install different versions on a single machine (or did we missed something?), we think about to virtualize the needed versions.


      Some tests showed us, that this works great.


      Anyhow we think a step forward: Our customers also want to test PDF documents on different acrobat reader versions. And that's the point: Is it allowed to forward "our" virtualized adobe reader versions to them? Or could we release this files for download on our website? Everything is free of charge, for sure.


      Reading the "Reader Distribution License Agreement" I found this term at the end of 2.2(b): "[...]In all cases the Software is to be distributed in complete form and only for purposes of complete installation and use                 by the end user. The Software shall not be configured or distributed for use without installation.[...]"


      ...so this agreement says definitely no. But why I could download a virtualized version of adobe reader for month/years from for example xenocode (now spoon): http://spoon.net/AdobeReader ? Do they have a special agreement or did they simply missed something?


      It would be great if somebody could bring some light into that issue.


      Thank you!