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    980x un-locked multi plier

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      I have just found out that not all motherboards with support the un-locked multi plier for the 980x. The multi plier will show up in the bios and will allow you to set to max aprox 60. however when you run full load the multi plier will drop down, & back up. meaning you will reduce performance.





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          Can you provide us with a list of those motherboards.


          I, for example, ordered the

          ASUS P6X58D Premium LGA 1366


          It hasn't arrived yet, and I could return it if it is in your "list".





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            I am not aware at the present time to what mobo this happens to. I have sent asus a email. hoping to get some answers. have a look at the asus website under your mobo for cpu.


            another thing is that there are different revisions to the cpu.


            this issue came up on a Msi forum. and i have had the sam eissue if going past 25 multi, howver i have got the 980x stable at 4.4ghz. (i must have a good one)



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              Thanks for that update!


              What motherboard do you have?



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                Doing some Googling and finding articles like this:   (search term:  unlocked multiplier for the 980x  asus  -- without quotes)






                THis is my motherboard. ASUS P6X58D Premium  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131614R


                The specs at Newegg say  "Supported CPU Technologies       Supports Intel Turbo Boost Technology"


                Is that the same thing as being "unlocked multiplier"  -- all of this is mumbo jumbo to me


                I guess I need to contact Asus and ask them if it has this issue (The motherboard won't be delivered until next week so if it has an issue I would return it.  Fortunately I have not ordered my memory yet.  It's on backorder with Amazon.




                P.S.  I think my board, ASUS P6X58D Premium, may be not be optimal in this area, based on these snippets from the below link?????





                The overclocking performance threw me for a loop though.  With all the  obvious attention ASUS poured in to this board to make it a performance  powerhouse, the 205MHz base clock really left me wanting more.   Especially given the fact that I've personally seen 220-225MHz base  clocks from some of the Intel P55 and H55 boards that have crossed my  path more recently.  Of course, we are not seeing the same high end no  LGA 1366 processors overall.


                All in all, the P6X58D Premium is a good board with a very solid design,  as well as very good stock performance.  If you're looking for a board  with an Intel X58 chipset, you may want to give this one some  consideration, with the overclocking performance I witnessed as the only  real caveat to take under consideration.

                Kyle's Thoughts:


                I spent some time overclocking our Intel Core i7 980X processor which is  an "Extreme Edition" with an unlocked multiplier.  At stock voltages,  which just spinning up the processor multiplier, I was able to reach a  clock speed of 3.85GHz (29*133).  At 30*133 we would get BSODs when  starting a CPU Torture Test.  Pushing the vCore to 1.4v, we could easily   put a full load on the system at 4.02GHz.  Beyond that though, we  could not find anything stable.

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                  the performance figures are not very good, however not all cpu's run the same.


                  good luck.