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    Flex server side logging




      I'm very new to Flex development, so I apologise if I have some stupid questions here.  We will be deploying our Flex application to WebSphere and require no Java back end.  I need to have some kind of logging in place so that it will write to a file on the WebSphere deployment.  Is there a simple way to do this with the build in Flex Logging framework or is something more complicated required? i.e. deploying BlazeDS solely to use log4j.


      Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated





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          msakrejda Level 4

          The Flex application runs entirely on the client machines, so you'd need *something* on the server to capture the client-side logging. What I would do is extend AbstractTarget into a custom ILoggingTarget that collects log events (in handleLogEvent), batches them (so you don't flood the server with tiny requests), and sends off a log bundle based on a Timer. This can go to an http endpoint (just as a straight POST), so you wouldn't need Blaze.