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    opening scripts

      I like that Director MX 2004 has the possibility to have more scripts opened as different tabs in the same scripting window. However, when I open a script from the cast or from the behaviour inspector it is by default opened in a new window, instead of as a tab in the existing window. So it costs me two extra clicks to add this script to the existing window.
      Is there a preference setting for this? I mean that the script opens by default as a new tab inside the existing script window?

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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          Here's how I get multiple tabs for scripts in Director MX 2004:

          1) Open the script window
          2) Hold down the Alt/Option key and double-click on a different Script member
          3) Click on the icon at the top right of the window, in the blue bar, to open the contextual menu
          4) Select "Group Movie Script X:Foobar with >" ... Script

          I need to do this dance each time I want to add a Script tab.
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            JanvanC Level 1
            thank you,

            that route is exactly what I meant with the 'two extra clicks'. I hoped there was some preference setting for this, to achieve this immediatly (comparable to other ide's).