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    Illustrator CS4 hex color shifts again

    mattgpaley Level 1

      In  cs4 Illustrator on mac

      Color settings:North Amer/Internet

      Document Color Mode: RGB

      Proof Setup: Monitor RGB

      Proof Colors: Checked


      When I make a web safe colour in my color picker (example #0088CE) the number is fine when measured with the Digital Color meter. But once it is placed in the swatches pallette or on an object on the desktop the color shifts and consequently passed onto "save to web". Photoshop CS4 seems to be fine still though... What's up???

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          mattgpaley Level 1

          Our small group just figured this out. Maybe because of the upgrade things get reset, I don't know for sure... but under EDIT>Assign Profile... my setting was for "Don't color manage tihs doc...". I didn't know this was here before and I dont understand why it wouldn't automatically change when choosing my "Color Settings" to 2.1 (or Internet/Web N. Amer). Soooooo, when you change it to 2.1 HERE TOO the proof colors check/uncheck works resulting the hex on screen to match the save for web output. Anyone in Adobe have a suggestion or instruction where this can all be changed in one place so it stays this way for us web peeps on all our documents? Sick of checking these settings yo.