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    output pixel2


      fairly (very) new to pixel bender

      had a play around and was able to use its matrix math to do some 3d transformations and projections,


      but the native draw triangles method wants an input of x,y sequenced numbers..this is a problem as pb only seems to be able output pixel3 i.e x,y,z



      is it possible to have a pixel2 output, even if it means decompiling a .pbj and messing with it (weather that would work or not i have no idea).

      if not any chance that those who built it could add that in there just for me


      then i would be able to use pixel bender to project 3d points to 2d


      any ideas, or am i being a nincompoop?





      thanks, ben

      (only trying this as i find the 3d capabilities of fp 10, although fast, very very limiting/restricted)