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    Available sizes in .selectPaperSize(?)




      I'm in the process of migrating a printing application running in flash to air 2.0

      The new printing option are really ideal and using these I could create an Air app that completely suits our needs.


      However, we need to print to A4, A3 and a custom paper. Printing to A4 works but is it possible to add A3 and our custom size to the available papersizes ? I found the following reply from thilgen :




      May 13, 2010

      One more quick note - AIR supports  printing in muliple page sizes which are enumerated in the AS3  PaperSize class.

      AIR will support A4 but not A3.



      Chris  Thilgen

      AIR Engineering




      Does this mean it just cannot be done ? Is it not possible to edit or extend this class myself to add A3 and our custom size ?

      I'm not a professional programmer and this question might seem obvious to you but I would appreciate if you could tell if it is possible and how to go about it.


      Thanks in advance,