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    Nested Object Calculation using Adobe InDesign with JavaScriptExtended.




                            In my App.Document have different types of textframes and images with several parastyles. I want to make mesurement calculation (in mm)the between the particular parastyle data with image using Adobe JavaScriptExtended.







            <Para:Add>345, Annan Street




                           Like above, I have created data with different format, but I would like to calculate (between <start:> and <End:>)this particular type of data in my app.document.




              1. Parastyles are applied in Adobe Indesign

              2. Data from Tagged Text.

              3. Mesurement in .jsx [javascriptExtended].


                           I can mesure this issue, but the image indent was distrub to provide accurate mesurement. Please help me to solve this problems.


      Thanks and Regards