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    Flex really pisses me off

    jerry98225 Level 1

      I am so tired of that when I run the application, the output doesn't change at all in browser. I thought my code had issue and spent 30 minutes to debug but it turned out I had to switch to another browser to see the real output because the default browser didn't change the output result at all. After 30-60 minutes, the new browser might do the same thing again.... WTF is that? Do I have to clear the cache all the time? Sorry for the language, but I am rage now.....

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          VRPDeveloper Level 3

          what is the problem is it related to output.....or what...Problem is not clear...Please make it clear...

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            jerry98225 Level 1

            Sorry. I was too angry. The output in browser didn't change at all even though I changed the code. ex: <button label="text"/> will render a button with a label "text" (I created it yesterday). However, if I change <button label="textandtext"/> now, the browser still render a button with a label "text". I hope I make it more clear.

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              VRPDeveloper Level 3

              In normal case it never happens.... As in flex we do not need to compile it seperately  when we save it it automatically compiles so I believe there is some other problem....As I am using flex since long and I have never come accross such a problem


              There can be 1 scenario... where are you deploying your swf file ...Is it something at different server other than your local machine then this can happen as you have to hot swap swf file whenever you make change...


              Hope you got my point

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                jerry98225 Level 1

                It is in my local machine. I just found out that I have to shut down my firefox completely (not just a tab) to see the new output. I have no idea why but I guess I have to do it this way. Thanks for the help.

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                  JeffryHouser Level 4

                  Sounds like a browser caching issue; independent of Flex.


                  I've found that I have fewer caching problems like this if I do not recompile the project while I have an active debugging session.  If you have build automatically on, always shut down the debugging session before saving.

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                    David_F57 Level 5



                    This seems to occur ocassionally with some browsers, I haven't ever seen a real solution offered other than clear the cache(and I know that this doesn't work all the time). Sometimes a clean build helps sometimes just adding a space higher up in the code from the change that hasn't worked can fix it.


                    For me I have had this once or twice when using IE but never with google chrome. One thing that I noticed (not sure if it is the real cuase) if i had several files open across more than one project and there was an error in say an actionscript file I wouldn't get a warning and it was as though I had just told it to run my swf with errors which means it will run the existing build not create a new one. If you are getting this continually try going to a different workspace then back again incase the workspace itself needs a little kickstart.


                    Oh and one last thing if you have been doing a lot of debugging before the problem appeared your environment maybe suffering due to a bit of trashed memory from 'leaks', closing FB and restarting (sometimes even a reboot) is all you can do in that situation.


                    I use a memory manager these days so I can see what my dev environment is doing to my system behind the scenes, this has become a must have tool when doing a lot of 'experimentation' with Flashbuilder.




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                      Ansury Level 3

                      If it is a caching issue (not 100% convinced it is), you could try turning off caching.





                      Preventing client-side caching