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    Reader 9.3.2 or 9.3 hangs after a few secs


      I am a network administrator and I have installed and used in my network (about 25 computers) Reader v 9.3.2 ever since it was availible (6m - 1y). I usually update all software to the latest versions ASAP.

      Today, all of the sudden, all computers started behave as I said, which is : Adobe reader freezes after about 3 seconds after opening, by a file or by itself.

      The rest of the apps work fine. All I can do is end task the reader and that's it.

      I have tried everything and for now, what I can do is uninstall 9.3.2 and install 8.2 which works fine.

      Please tell me that I do not have to uninstall Adobe Reader from all computers and go to prehystorical ages and install 8.2.

      I need an answer by monday otherwise I might just do that.

      Thank you very much in advance and have a nice we.