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    overprinting issues


      Have a CMYK logo text with a gradient that needs a white underlay to go on a transparent product.  I've worked with both CMYK and spot colors before, but never mixed the two myself.  Can anyone walk me through this?  Right now i have the CMYK logo, with an exact copy of itself combined into a white spot shape behind the logo.  If I set the CMYK to overprint, all of the whites turn black in the overprint preview.  If I dont, the seps dont show the white because its being knocked. out.  Someone on another site recommended doing edit>recolor>overprint black(remove black, 0%, include cmy)  Bit over my head here.


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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your white needs to be a spot white to be correctly defined.

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            jniedt Level 1

            Should have specified, it is defined as such.

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              John Danek Level 4

              You're going to want to talk with the print service provider.  Certain White ink printers need Illustrator files prepared a certain way.  A Spot color channel may be the correct approach, but they will know how you prep the file so that it is RIP and Printed properly.

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                tman69 Level 3

                put the 'white underlay' on a separate layer in front of the 'logo'-name the layer 'underlay'

                recolor it as a 'new' color--name it 'underlay'--maybe use cyan or yellow and set it to 'spot'.

                it can then be output separately for screen printing--or it could be saved as a PDF-with other layers turned OFF, as can the logo with the underlay layer  turned OFF-then the PDFs can be used in a layout program to allow for proper registration

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                  CHMprepress Level 3

                  Is there a way you can poste the file, the original I mean.

                  Maybee I can adjust it for you

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                    If you hide or delete the white overlay does your cmyk still appear black? Is there a black shape of the art that sits at the very bottom of that art? If so it's the overprinting of the cmyk not knocking out your blacks. Try going back to the cmyk with no overprint and put the white overlay on top and tell it to overprint. It will look totally wrong on a regular preview, but in the overprint preview it should look right. Instead of overprint you could try using transparency on the white overlay and that way the preview would look right and composite prints should look right also, but some printers/work flows have issues with transparencies so you would want to let them know you have transparencies in the file.

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                      Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                      Roryross is correct. This was also posted in another thread after roryross posted here.


                      Works like a charm, thanks roryross.