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    Sprite, SpriteVisualElement, GlowFilter, and spark move effects



      I am still learning things with flash/flex/flex builder so I am not sure if this is a flash question, flex, as3 or what.  However, I wanted to make some type of object that I could use a Graphics object of to draw some svg.  It seemed some people were suggesting a Sprite as a basic building block.  But when I tried to use a spark move effect it complained it had no transformX property.  So instead I used a SpriteVisualElement to do my drawing and the move effect could move it.  But now I look into using a GlowFilter and it's putting glow over the whole stage.  If I add the filter back to my original sprite code it works great and as expected making my svg glow.  But now I am back to not being able to use spark move effects.  Is there some other type of component I can use for my needs?