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    CS5 Ultra key Green Screen Flicker Problem


      Hi All,


      I used cs5 ultra key on my green screen filtering project.


      applied everything from the adobe tv tutorial. now my problem is,


      since i have a pretty bad lighting done i have this pretty bad shadows.


      but i was able to get rid of them by tweaking the parameters on the ultra key effect.


      after having that fix now my main prob is the edge of my subject flickers and it's very edgy.


      I tried correcting them in the matte clean up option tried to smoothin the edges, but the flickers


      are still there and the smoothing is very obvious that is so not natural.


      Infos: my video is from a d90 camera set to 720p recording and im editing it in my macbook black 2.4 Ghz with 128 mb gpu (i guess)

      and editing it on my macbook premiere cs5 on hd 720p mode.