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    Accordion Panel titles cause constraint violations

      I have a custom class that exposes an Accodion control. the way that I have been exposing the name of the Accordion header is to assign an ASCII value to the child panel that I assign to the Accordion section. The Accodion header picks up the label of the first child container. I have the Accordion contol as a child of another container, let's say a canvas. I constrain the canvas to grow to a maximum width of 200. the problem is, if I asign the label of the Accordion child panel with a literal, say panel1.label="test"; everything works alright. If I instantiate a String variable and assign it a value from an incoming XML node, the Accordion expands to the full size of the applicatiiom (this is Flex 3 BTW). I check the XML derived String and the length never exceeds 40, which is fine, but the Accordion expands regardless of the length of the variable String. I can't seem to get around this (tried substr(), etc., no workee). Any ideas?