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    Ongoing problem with Select File Window on CS4


      For a couple of years, I have been experiencing a pesky problem with the Select File window.  Whenever I go to insert an image or update the path to an image on an dynamic page (.asp) , the Select File window opens up and looks really strange. The File System list is hovering above the Data Sources list (see below) and the Data Sources radio button is the default.  If I tick the File System radio button, I can select a file, hit okay, but it will not actually change or insert that file.  What I have to do is tick File System, select an image, select a different image, and then I can select the original image.  Its the strangest thing and it is a real thorn in the side.  BTW, it is not just my installation... this happened on my old computer as well under CS3 and Windows Vista... it does it now on a newer computer on CS4 and Windows 7. I was talking to a friend the other day and, and it happens to him sometimes too. Has anyone ever seen this?