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    Issues with Placed tiffs and psd files

    igloominations Newcomer

      Hello all,

      Working in Illustrator CS4 (Mac). Mac is running Leopard. (Not going to upgrade to SL or CS5 at this time).


      I am placing 300 dpi and/or 100 dpi (for low res comps) tiff and psd files into illustrator. When I go to the link palette and double click on the link name to check the images link information, the image is not placing at 100%. It's placing at 72% for the 100 dpi files and 24% for the 300 dpi file. 100 & 300 dpi eps and 100 dpi jpeg files show okay at 100%.


      Why are the psd and tiff images not showing at 100% in the link information and what do I need to do to make sure that future placed images always place at 100% of the photoshop file size?


      Thank you for any assistance.