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    Issues with Placed tiffs and psd files


      Hello all,

      Working in Illustrator CS4 (Mac). Mac is running Leopard. (Not going to upgrade to SL or CS5 at this time).


      I am placing 300 dpi and/or 100 dpi (for low res comps) tiff and psd files into illustrator. When I go to the link palette and double click on the link name to check the images link information, the image is not placing at 100%. It's placing at 72% for the 100 dpi files and 24% for the 300 dpi file. 100 & 300 dpi eps and 100 dpi jpeg files show okay at 100%.


      Why are the psd and tiff images not showing at 100% in the link information and what do I need to do to make sure that future placed images always place at 100% of the photoshop file size?


      Thank you for any assistance.