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    Online videos are no longer working, how do I fix this?


      I have just very recently downloaded a trail version of Adobe Flash CS5 onto my laptop. The version of windows is Windows XP, and the program itself is running as well as it should.


      I thought it would be helpful if I went to youtube to see if there were any video tutorials that could help me get started with the program. Unfortunately, right before a video will play, the browser will say there was an error, and close, and then re-try to open the page.


      This problem has never happned before I installed Flash, so I can only assume it had something to do with it. Everything else on my system is running smoothly, I even checked every file and processor twice for any signs of adware that I may have picked up accidently.


      The only thing I cannot see is a video online, it shuts down Windows Interenet Explorer. Before I take any other action to fix this situation, I would like to know if anyone could please help me solve this problem.