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    What is wrong with my code?

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      Hi there.

      DW CS3, PHP mySQL

      I'm trying to create my 3rd results page with the details page, but
      cannot seem to get this one right.

      For a start I have a one criteria search item. The results page works
      100% well, but when clicking on "more details >>" the details of the
      first record is returned. This happens even though when hovering my
      mouse over the "more details >>" link on the results page, it displays
      the correct record id.
      This is the sql statement of the results page:
      SELECT *
      FROM alternators
      WHERE p_KVA LIKE %colname%
      The Variables are:
      Name: Colname
      Type: Text
      Default Value: %
      Run-time Value: $_GET['p_KVA']

      My details page has a straight forward RecordSet, Select * from DB.

      I will really appreciate your help. I have to have this finish by