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    Network Monitor causes issues in a team enviroment


      The new Network Monitor has caused frustrating problems for me and my team.


      When enabling the Network Monitor, a property in .actionScriptProperties is set to true. This change can then be checked into SVN and subsequently other members of the team will pickup this property change.


      Other members of the team may not have a Pro license though or may have the Network Monitor off. In these cases, the application doesn't work and even worse there is no error that would identify the problem.


      The property forces the SWF to be built so that it communicates with the Network Monitor on a strange port like 37000. If the Network Monitor is not listening, the application simply does not work.


      I do not agree with the choice to have a property set in .actionScriptProperties for the Network Monitor. It should work independently of any settings that may be checked into SVN.


      At a minimum, the IDE should give a warning that you are building with a setting that will not work properly because you either don't have the correct license or because you don't have the Network Monitor on.