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    Form Reset Button.. works in Pro., Doesn't in Reader


      I created a form in MS Word 2007 and converted to Actobat Pro 9.2.0 and included a reset and print button. 


      When opening the document in Reader 8.1.3, the reset button only resets some of the fields, although all of the fields are checkmarked in the reset dialog.  Also, when I click the print button, nothing happens.  I've created dozens of Acrobat forms with reset and print buttons and this is the first time I've noticed that they aren't working in Reader.


      Both functions work fine in Pro.  Yes, I am sure that the button behavior is linked to a specific action such as >File>Print for the Print Button.  This happens on more than one computer, so I don't think the problem lies with just my machine.


      Any ideas?